TrixieSquirts – Sorry Plumber I Pooped JOI

Omg, the plumber has been in my bathroom for an hour trying to fix my broken toilet! But I have to pee so bad, I really don’t think I can hold it much longer! I finally decide to knock on the door and see if he will let me pee in the toilet that won’t flush, I really have to go!!
I go into the bathroom and start begging the plumber to let me pee!! He protests at first, then allows me under one condition. I am not allowed to poop! Remember, the toilet doesn’t flush.. it will be so stinky with no place to go.. so long as I swear to ONLY pee, he will let me. Ok! Yes, only pee, I promise. Thank you thank you! I guide him out of the bathroom and let him wait in the living room.
Celebrating, I go to the broken toilet and get myself ready for a desperate pee, giving a cute little strip tease while I’m at it. I touch my pussy, letting her know it’s time to pee. I lean back and a little pee starts to drop out, huzzah! I stand up and let my pee flow freely from my body to the broken toilet below. I splash a little bit of pee onto the toilet seat. Oops! Oh well. I continue.
Ahh, that feels so much better.. but uh. oh. uh oh. I.. Think I have to poop!!
Oh no, that was the plumber’s one request, DO NOT POOP!!! Oh no, oh no, what am I supposed to do? The poop is coming out of me, I can’t hold it in!! Oh no!!
Poop slowly squeezes out of my tight little asshole and plops into the broken toilet bowl. Ahh!! I get up to look at what I’ve done and am horrified to see my poop on the toilet seat! Ahhh!!! It’s inside and on the seat, and oh so smelly!! I plug my nose. Oh no, he is definitely going to smell this poop! How do I possibly cover this up? Oh, I know! I can scoop it out and throw it in the trash perhaps? Oh but it will still be stinky, won’t it? Oh no, oh no. ok, here goes nothing.
I go to the toilet and start to fish my poop out of the toilet!! It’s so stinky, I have to plug my nose! I’m standing holding my poop, analyzing the details in it, and get curious. I wonder just exactly how stinky it really is. I remove my hand from my nose and take a good whiff! So stinky!
To my horrified surprise, the impatient plumber decides to enter the bathroom right as I am sniffing my fresh vegan poop!!! Ahhhhh!! Omg, I’m so embarrassed, I try to explain myself, stumbling over my words. Then I look down at your crotch.
Oh wow, Mr. plumber, do you have a Boner?? What, does this turn you on?? Catching me sniffing my fresh poop? Oh wow, that turns me on, look how hard you are! Mmmm that look in your eyes is turning me on as well. I mush the poop in my hand some more, feeling my pussy getting wet. I sniff my poop again and see your boner flinch. Mmm. I dab a little bit of poop on my hard nipples, pinching and flicking them while I do so. Ohh this is good.
Mr. Plumber, can you stroke your cock for me while I smear my fresh smelly poop down my chest? Oh yeah baby, just like that. I’ll turn around for you and show you my asshole. Oh, you want me to smear poop on my fat ass? Ok babe, how’s this? I smear my poop on my asshole and butt cheeks. Mmm I’m so stinky and messy for you now. Stroke that cock for me, yes just like that. Let’s cum together, can we? I turn around and start massaging my clit while pinching my poopy nipples. I love when you stroke your cock for me like that, yes plumber, yes, just like that. oh, I’m so stinky and my pussy is so wet, I’m starting to drip. I smear more poop on my titties and tummy, feeling my orgasm build and build. Oh plumber, your stroking faster and faster, I can see your orgasm building as well. Oh yes babe, faster faster, oh I feel my cum about to burst!! Please me. Plumber, cum all over my poopy titties! Cover me in your cum! Oh, I’m so close, 3…2… yes yes yes cum with me!! 1!!!!! We both explode and you cover me in your fresh warm cum!!! Yesss!!!
Oh, thank you Mr. plumber. if I ever have any blockages in the future, I’ll make sure you’re the only plumber I call!..

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TrixieSquirts – Sorry Plumber I Pooped JOI

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