Public Peeing and Pooping in the Hallway

I have problems shooting waste video clips, because as soon as I get that sensation, it comes hurrying out before I ever get a opportunity to get a camera! But yesterday, I had a bit of a caution and was able to get my digicam and movie it! I had experienced the banging on the mystery, so I got my digicam and advancing out to the corridor of my residence complicated. It was about late night, and most of my others who live nearby are evening owls like myself, so ANYONE could have stepped in at any time! I really have fun with the hurry and enjoyment of understanding I could be seen by anyone at any time! I am much more comfortable with urination in this scenario, because it is much faster and simpler to get away with!
So once I leave of my residence, I move through the complicated halls looking for a entrance to a community space to poo into. Unfortunately the gates were all shut, so I went to the stairway case! There was a entrance that was see through right behind me, but I was going to do this! I have only a gown on with nothing underneath! I set down my factors and take off my gown. The first factor you see is my chests receding of my gown. I recognize that it is a little black since it is only 2:30AM, so I switch on my display so you can effectively see everything. Then I try to determine the schematics of having a digicam while urination and pooping! First I am seated and getting my vagina. Then my pee comes treating out all over the stairway rug LOL! Then I carry you in near to look at the last few drops of pee drop onto the rug on the stairways in my residence complicated corridor. The the next phase I know, here comes the poo! The mild brownish turd reveals it’s go as some time begins to slide out of my asshole! It is awesome the size of my butt extends while these dense turds slide out! The first one gradually and equally slips out of my ass and drops onto the carpeted corridor ground with a ‘plump’ noise! As soon as the first turd strikes a ground, the second one begins to slip out of my limited little asshole! You continues to be near, indicated at my butt, and the turd that is popping out, I am still surprised at how quickly my butt extends when I poop! The second turd is much wider than the first, so my butt extends even further to support the dimensions of it. Slowly it slips out of my butt, without much forcing from me. At this aspect I was lying down on my returning on a set of stairways, which became excellent placement to let my waste slide right out of me. The second turd quickly slips out of me and plops onto the stairway below my ass with a smooth getting disturbance. I then convert you position down to demonstrate you my two turds, lying down on the phase below me, with a pee saturated band beneath them. I was so surprised at what I had just done! I am just beginning to get into this fetish of using the bathroom on digicam, and I was able to do it in a community area! I have to confess I was quite giddy! So I get up and collect those factors I presented into the corridor with me. Then I support and explain to you the whole row of stairways, with wet areas from my pee, and a load of waste on one of the stairs! Then I convert you down, to demonstrate you how far my pee taken down the stairways haha!

Format: mp4
Runtime : 9 min 47 s
File Size : 1.49 GB
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : AAC LC


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