ModelNatalya94 – Three girls three cigarettes

Me and my friends Alice and Caroline decided to smoke a cigarette and we sat on the sofa and I offered to undress Alice , we in turn began to kiss Alias what her sweet lips he pulled off Alice’s panties and then bra and began with Caroline to fondle the Breasts of Alice and her big Boobs we like . After that the girls asked me to smoke a cigarette we put a cigarette in his mouth and started Smoking . Alice suggested that we put a cigarette in her pussy , I took my cigarette and put my friend between my legs . And Alice began to release from her pussy smoke , fuck Alice smokes a cunt . Us with Caroline is a bit stirred up and I asked Caroline to go to the toilet , but to use as a toilet Alice , Caroline soglasilas . I took off my white panties and climbed onto Alice, and relaxed his ass and started shitting and pissing on his girlfriend , I shit on belly and pussy of his girlfriend , followed by off panties and Carolina did the same . Alice all in our the shit and the urine of her lovely belly and cunt . We and Caroline sat on the sofa and began to caress your pussy by fingers . Fuck our friend Alice’s dripping shit , but Alice likes it very much…

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ModelNatalya94 – Three girls three cigarettes

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