HARD DATE PUKE – F MACHINE I’m getting ready for a date

I have a date with a man in 30 minutes, which gives me time to prepare. I’m going to surprise him to come covered in shit, I’m sure it will make him happy!
I’m not just going to make a caviar and spread it out, I prefer to take the opportunity to play a little!
Dressed in a transparent babydoll, a garter belt attached to stockings, and sexy heels, I start by dildoing my pussy, first squatting with my legs apart, then on the ground, before being taken by a want to pee and do it on me. Feeling the hot pee on my body is a real pleasure!
I change positions to finger my anus (and by the way, lick the shit off my fingers!) and do a huge turd, then start working my anus with my big dildo, while spreading my shit all over my ass. Then it’s up to the fuck machine to fuck me, at different speeds! I’m pissing at that moment!
Then, I take pleasure in sucking my turd, sensually, I love being a little female dog to shit. I continue on the ground, being dismounted by the fuck machine. It starts with the pussy, while puking all over my body full of shit, then it continues with my ass, again puking big squirts all over me!
That’s it ! It’s time for my appointment! I put on my slinky off-the-shoulder dress, and off I go!

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HARD DATE PUKE – F MACHINE I’m getting ready for a date

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