SR088 5カメWフルショット 便秘女学生大放屁大便 4

Constipation is a problem that many women suffer from. The same goes for female students. Hard stool is produced from stool that has matured in the intestines and is excreted with a fart and an expression of agony. The way female students fight shit in the toilet is so endearing and erotic.
– The Full Shot angle placed diagonally above captures the distorted facial expression and sigh when she cums.
– Her ass, which is as tight as the full moon, is fully visible from directly below with Direct Angle.
– Targeting only the anus, capturing the contraction of the young pink anus and the opening during defecation with Large Anus Angle.
– Capturing the trajectory of feces dripping onto the water surface while approaching us with Fallen Angel Angle.
– A beautiful traditional Japanese defecation pose sitting on a Japanese-style toilet. The skirt of the uniform is rolled up and the buttocks are exposed to Beautiful Angle Of The Back.
School uniforms, poop, and farts captivate everyone. Check it all out!

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 04:19:16
File Size: 9.42 GB

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