SR083 6カメWフルショット ガーターベルト美女の大放屁大便

A garter belt that shines on her beautiful legs, a tight skirt, and a woman who wears no underwear, which is too shameless. As her beautiful face begins to distort, the farts and defecation that are produced from the liberating beautiful buttocks are really erotic.
– The front-facing camera (Full Shot) captures the real image of a woman frustrated by the pleasure of excreting.
– A camera directly below the feces that realistically captures the bowing feces and the large anus that opens along the shape of the feces.
– Looking up at a woman who defecates from the position of the water seal in the toilet (dynamic full shot)
– Furthermore, capture clearly from diagonally forward (mankodo up angle)
– You can appreciate the anus that repeats contractions as if it has a will and the anus that expands due to stool (Large anus angle)
– A beautiful traditional Japanese defecation figure sitting on a Japanese-style toilet. The contrast between the exposed back and the stool is beautiful (beautiful back angle)
Please enjoy the supreme excretion appearance that a disgusting woman desperately stands.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 02:40:23
File Size: 5.78 GB

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