SR081 Front&Backダブルフルショット スポーツ女学生放屁大便

Wearing a variety of uniforms and enduring tough club activities, the appearance of excretion of girls is as tense as when challenging a game. The still innocent face turns into an expression of agony, and the thick feces and hot farts that are born from the moist hole after exercise are really healthy and youthful. Treasure sword of the family. Hidden Gold Skeleton. The true value of Slits is the space-like front full shot that allows you to see through the gold that should not be transparent. Glossy fleshy large anus. A super close-up angle where you can watch the poop being born while counting the wrinkles of the anus that spread radially one by one. Please stare at the inside of the chrysanthemum gate that opens as if it is breathing. Fallen angel descending with a dignified scent. The camera placed directly in front of the toilet bowl captures the trajectory of falling on the surface of the water. The way they land on the toilet one after another and build a mountain is artistic and mysterious, and it is worth seeing. Beautiful back angle. An angle that captures the graceful back that produces poop. The appearance of fully using the psoas muscle is exactly the beautiful traditional Japanese defecation figure. Everyone will be fascinated by schoolgirls in sportswear that clearly emphasizes the body line and will remind you of the youth of those days. Please take a look at the superb excretion appearance that captures all of them in high image quality and different angles.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 02:19:27
File Size: 5.12 GB

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