SL-599 合宿女学生 悪ノリ風呂小便 2

We focused on the movements of female students at the training camp, away from school life. The female students’ sense of freedom leads to a lack of common sense and even to the point of playing pranks. The excitement among the women rises, and the excitement reaches its climax. To soothe their tired bodies from practice, they take off their sweat-stained clothes and head to the bathroom. The high tension didn’t seem to stop, and one student who felt the urge to urinate from the milking competition in the bathroom, gave in to the prank and urinated on the spot. I will do it. Some girls were carried up and urinated, some girls competed with each other to see how much urine they could produce, and some girls touched the pee coming out and laughed and said, “It’s warm!” Enjoy the pleasure of being bathed in the huge urination of these girls who are doing all they can to make fun of you.

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Resolution : 1920×1080
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Duration: 02:42:23
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