SL-582 デッサンモデルの我慢しきれないうんこ漏らし 4

The drawing model must be stationary for a certain amount of time as the painter sketches on the canvas. In a situation where she can’t move, she must endure with dignity no matter what. Moreover, defecation should be done in advance. But you can’t fight the physiological phenomenon. The model is too proud to say that she wants to go to the toilet, and the more she endures it, the faster the wave of abdominal pain accelerates. Though she desperately tightens the anus and prays that time will pass, the wish is not fulfilled and a large amount of stool is discharged as if it was nothing. In the front room before drawing, some people seemed to have been forced to drink a laxative mixed drink, and there was also a rude person who could not stand it. She was dignified at first, but gradually a wave of ferocious defecation urges came. However, please take a look at the patience and embarrassment of such women, such as a woman who can’t stand it and squirts on students.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 04:50:06
File Size: 10.58 GB

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