SL-573 学校体罰 限界放尿お漏らし

We obtained a secret footage of a teacher’s punishment who gives extreme guidance to female students. The damage that the female students received from the corporal punishment teacher is clearly depicted in the video of this work. It is an event related to the pee and urine of the target who is made the most shameful simoneta and is bullied in one shot. In the covert footage, a female student desperately endures the urge to urinate during corporal punishment, and when the instruction is over, she runs into the toilet with a ferocious dash and releases heavy urine. A student who seems to be suffering from peeing to the limit, a teacher who laughs at it and continues to enjoy corporal punishment. A female student who hits her butt and leaks pee with a beating sound. A female student who is made to hold a bucket full of water in both hands and leaks pee without moving. It is a forbidden shame record that captures the darkness of the educational site. Due to the teacher’s malicious corporal punishment, the bitter expression of the female student’s urge to urinate to the limit could not be washed away even with a large amount of leakage and tremendous force of urination.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 03:17:38
File Size: 7.24 GB

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