SL-571 女子校生尿意極限 スーパーダッシュ!大放尿!! 2

It’s already going to leak! The female students whose bladders swelled up to the extent that they wanted to shout, dashed towards the toilet! The time when the urge to urinate reaches its limit, such as when going to school, during class, or during club activities, varies from person to person. In order to somehow stop the pee dam on the verge of collapse, I have to hold my crotch and endure waiting for my turn while rubbing my thighs. The urge to urinate reaches the climax in the situation where the toilet is in front but it cannot be discharged. The moment I finally straddled the empty toilet and put down my panties, Pusher! And a girl who spouts a powerful thick shaft pee and bounces up to the face appears one after another. Full power dash at the same time as the chime! On the way to the toilet, a chime sounds and an acceleration dash! Overtake a friend who wants to pee and dash ahead! Please fully enjoy the “urine extreme pee” of girls who run dash dash dash while suffering with a single heart that they do not want to leak.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 01:39:48
File Size: 3.68 GB

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