SL-558 緊急事態OL 非常識放尿 八

OLs who work in workplaces with few toilets are always troubled by toilets. There is a high probability that the toilet is in use and cannot be used. They are waiting in front of the toilet as usual, but what will they do when the limit of patience is exceeded? The eighth chapter of this work, which contains extreme and insane urination appearance that can never be seen. In front of the toilet and under the desk, not only women who pee in cups and trash cans, but also watering the potted plants that their boss carefully grows and urinating like watering cans, and pouring soup into the ramen bowl that their colleagues were eating at the company cafeteria. Pissing and insane levels tend to increase year by year. While looking for a property, I couldn’t stand the urge to urinate and stole the water bottle that the customer had and made a big urination instead of a urinal. A subordinate who reaches the limit while responding to complaints over the phone and shoots in a brown envelope so that her boss does not find out. What surprised me the most was a woman crawling on all fours looking for a contact lens that she had dropped in the bathroom, but an insane woman who didn’t mind standing and urinating. I’m excited to think that there are such OLs in my workplace. I would like you to take a look at this work, which contains many unthinkable urination appearances.

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