SL-447 OL陰湿いじめ トイレ封鎖小便 2

The one-of-a-kind communal restroom in a certain office building. Insidious bullying has been going on there since day one. The targets of the bullying are new employees, usually quiet juniors, and neat and clean senior bosses. As a hunter, it’s time to aim for a desperate situation where their urge to urinate has reached its limit. While enduring the urge to urinate, when I go to the desk to finish the work somehow, a sexual image that I do not recognize on the PC desktop. It is ridiculed and insidious bullying from around. With a bitter face, she steps, sits down, and knocks over and over, but in vain, the dam collapses, and even the underwear and stockings that cover her crotch are dirty and wet. The perpetrator of the “bullying”, who enjoyed watching the whole story, thought that she had just come out of the toilet, but attacked her for leaking it. Please enjoy the urine that runs down her pants and skirt, and her facial expressions that are covered in humiliation and shame.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 05:45:39
File Size: 12.64 GB

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