SL-446 女子校生ダッシュトイレ 3 小便お漏らしトイレ事情

The unimaginable toilet situation at a girls’ school in the previous work was also revealed by private photography in this work. Along with the chime, the students rush into the toilet with a ferocious dash while still having the urge to urinate on the verge of bursting. A person who can not stand whether to close the inside of the toilet and leaks and drips a large amount of urine on the floor. Between the feeling of regret and the sense of relief from the desire to urinate, I get a momentary relief, but if this is revealed, there is no end to it. After incontinence, they wiped the floor hard and tried to hide the evidence, but they hid the secret that they couldn’t say with the stains on their pants and left the toilet. Please take a look at the leaking circumstances of school girls who rush to the toilet with a lot of problems this time as well.

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Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 02:02:23
File Size: 4.44 GB

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