FF-661 fart おならが見える!爆風屁コキ娘! フィルス

You can hear the sound but you can’t see it, it’s a fart! This project started with the idea of having the gathered girls watch farts. I had her try various things with her youthful peach butt. A girl whose extensions flutter in the wind like a tail due to a bold fart, a girl who hits a tape ball nearly 1 meter with a blast of fart, and a girl who bursts soap bubbles with the wind pressure of a strong fart. I can’t help but get excited over the unexpected results. Explosive fart job girls. There is no doubt that you can feel the wind even through the screen with the many amazing farts released from her cute anus!

ID: FF-661
Release Date: 2024/04/12
Maker: ジェイド
Cast: N/A
Genre(s): スカトロ, 放屁
File Size: 5.76 GB

Download Video:

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