FF-578 Filth 便秘女教師のセルフ浣腸 2 ~暴発うんこと失態おなら~

A feces story of a female teacher who suffers from constipation! Stools and farts become full in the intestines, and farts leak out during classes and in the staff room (shame). I went to the toilet to somehow relieve constipation from the red shame that people asked me. I took out an enema there! I was ugly in my butt even though I was at work! Unfortunately, I was called out for urgent business, and I had to leave the toilet for reasons such as stubborn constipation and the enema’s effect was slow (sweat). By the time the enema started to work, I could no longer control my defecation urge, and in class, in the corridor, and in front of the toilet when I returned, I made a big mistake (crying). The feces that had matured for several days were tragically scattered on the floor, and it was far from a clergyman to clean up while enduring the smell. This work further upgrades the blunder that leaks in public from the previous work, and invites them to despair of red shame. Please check it with your own eyes.

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 04:28:09
File Size: 9.76 GB

FF-578-01.mp4 – 1.84 GB
FF-578-02.mp4 – 1.92 GB
FF-578-03.mp4 – 2.35 GB
FF-578-04.mp4 – 2.02 GB
FF-578-05.mp4 – 1.62 GB

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