EE-697 不測の事態!! 強引足止め爆尿漏らし

A trial awaits the women who have endured the urge to urinate to the limit!? While trying to go to the toilet while their bladders are screaming, they are forcibly stopped in various situations. It resists to get through the situation, but since the opponent is also in a pinch, it desperately bites. Every time the bladder is pressed, impatience accelerates and the urge to urinate goes to the dead line! However, even though I tried to return to the home base to go to the toilet with a great effort, saying “I can’t get discouraged in such a place!” Case 1. A member of the club who runs away because the urge to urinate reaches the limit during the guidance of the adviser in club activities, and is found by the adviser and is pulled back in front of the toilet while leaking a large amount. Case 2. An employee who visits a business with a senior, even though she feels the urge to urinate during business negotiations, she is forcibly restrained by the senior employee and miserably leaks. Please take a look at the shameful spectacle of beautiful women who are in a hurry and mercilessly drip urine in front of others.

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