EE-696 院内カウンセリング中 誤爆下痢漏らし

This is a general internal medicine hospital that can be found anywhere. A lot of women visit us because of various reasons. After changing into a medical gown, palpation, stretching, and sometimes anal are carefully examined. There is no shame like this for a woman, but if nothing can be done, an enema, which is the pride of a certain hospital, is used. An enema that encourages the patient to excrete at any time and place. I misjudged the timing of the sudden abdominal pain, and ended up with a large amount of diarrhea on the bed or in the changing room, and the result was tragic. Diarrhea seeping everywhere. Strong odor. The women who exposed their disgraceful behavior in the hospital didn’t feel the joy of being relieved of their stool troubles, and left the hospital with only an insurmountable embarrassment.

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