EE-694 大食い満腹OL 社内トイレデカ糞パニック

These days OLs really eat well! Moreover, it seems that something called a gluttonous battle is being held in a certain place. Boss treats, tasting parties, battles, such situations are irrelevant! If there is food in front of me, I will eat it until I am satisfied. Eating also means excreting. All at once, the OLs feel full and feel the urge to defecate and run to the toilet all at once. But only one person can poop. While someone seemed to be pleasantly sticking out with big feces, the rest of the OLs who had the urge to defecate MAX waited in front of the toilet resentfully. Who is the OL who eats the most and produces the most? The full-fledged deca-poop panic of the gluttonous office workers unfolding in the in-house restroom begins now.

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