EE-678 Poop 潜入隠撮 キャバクラ嬢のうんこ

A downtown area that lights up the night of the city in a strange way. Among them, the cabaret club lady, dressed up with her gorgeous dress and flashy makeup, shines by far. This time, it is a valuable video obtained by infiltrating into their den. Hostesses who heal men who visit for various reasons with alcohol and talk. However, contrary to their graceful appearance, they were suffering from abdominal pain. I desperately endure it because I can’t show the customer a painful face, but the pain only increases and there is no sign that it will end at all. I can’t help but slowly get up from my seat and head to the destination. As soon as they reached the toilet bowl, they spread their legs boldly and distorted their faces as they twisted out thick poop. Among them, there were people who drank too much alcohol and splashed loose diarrhea into the toilet bowl. Of course, I was able to clearly capture the behind-the-scenes scenes that take place inside the cabaret club, such as before she transforms into a night butterfly, serving customers in the store, and the troubles peculiar to women’s society. Why don’t you find your favorite hostesses’ poop that you can permanently nominate?

Format: mp4
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : mp4a-40-2
Duration: 03:39:45
File Size: 8.01 GB

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